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Nantucket Beaches

Nantucket Beaches

With nearly 80 miles of pristine beaches, Nantucket gives visitors a prime pick of sun, sand, and surf. And the Island's public beaches offer very distinctive experiences for visitors. Jetties Beach has been a popular spot for residents and visitors for generations, due to its proximity to town, as well as sailboat rentals, open-air dining, and recreational opportunities. Families love Children's Beach, a calm, sheltered harborside beach with a large playground and picnic area.

For surfers in search of towering swells, Surfside Beach never fails, and also attracts surfcasters. However, Cisco Beach, home to the Nantucket Island Surf School, offers the most overbearing waves around. Siasconset, located on the eastern side of the island, features a broad expanse of wide open sands. Great Point, which also lines the eastern shore, is a remote beach that must be accessed by car preferably one with four wheel drive. Madaket, which lines the far west coast, offers incomparable sunsets.

Hours: Public beaches are always open until nightfall. Check with lifeguards about closings.
Prices: Free Admission


  • Swimming
  • Surfing
  • Fishing-Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing

Children's Beach

Located on the harbor and just a short walk from White Elephant Hotel Residences and White Elephant. It is a quiet beach that features very few waves and makes it an ideal place for families. Amenities include a park, playground, game tables, lifeguard, restrooms, showers and food service.

Jetties Beach

Located on the bay and easily reached by bike or shuttle. The surf is mild surf, and a playground and volleyball net are available. Lifeguards are on duty. Amenities include playground, changing rooms, restrooms, lifeguard and food service.

Dionis Beach

Three miles from town on the bay side and easily reached by scenic bike path. Sheltering dunes and calm waters. Amenities include lifeguard, showers and restrooms.


Located at the end of Surfside Road on the ocean, 3 miles from town, accessible by paved bike path or NRTA shuttle (summer only). Heavy surf. Amenities include lifeguard, restrooms, showers, and food service.


Known for rougher waters and waves, but is perfect for an oceanside picnic lunch. Regular shuttle bus service or seven-mile ride on paved bike path. Surf can be heavy. Amenities include lifeguard, and food available in nearby village of 'Sconset.


Four-mile bike ride to end of Hummock Pond Road. Surf is heavy, making it a popular area for surfing. There is a lifeguard on duty but no other facilities.


As far west as you can go, six-mile bike ride on scenic, paved bike path. Renowned for the impressive views of breathtaking sunsets. It is also a popular spot for swimmers and sunbathers. Surf can be dangerous. Strong swimmers only; lifeguards are on duty during the regular beach season.

Miacomet Beach

Located on the south side of Nantucket island between Miacomet Pond on the west and the hamlet of Surfside on the east. Surf can be dangerous; strong swimmers only--no lifeguard. No facilities or food services are available.


Located near the airport. Limited parking; difficult to access beach. Plenty of surf. Wide beach is good for picnics, beach games, and surfcasting. There is no lifeguard and there are no facilities.


Just a bike ride away from the center of town, visitors can get a great view of Sankaty Head Lighthouse from this remote and private beach.


Q1: What are the best beaches for children?

A1: The beaches on the north side of the island are more surf suitable for children, aside from Brant Point, which has a strong current. All the northern beaches have great views of either Nantucket Sound or the harbor. As you may guess, Children's Beach is ideal for the little ones. The beach has a park, playground, lifeguard, restrooms, showers, food service, and picnic tables. Jetties Beach is great for children, and it's an easy bike ride from town. You'll have lifeguards, changing rooms, playground, volleyball nets, restrooms, showers, and public phones at your disposal. The beach also holds swimming lessons for children age 6 and up. The Wave, Shuttle service from town to Jetties Beach is available seasonally. The Cottages & Lofts Beach Bus is also available for guests (seasonal).

Q2: What beaches have bike paths that lead there?

  • Brant Point has an easy walk or bike ride from town.
  • Jetties Beach has an easy bike ride from town, or is accessible by the shuttle bus.
  • Dionis Beach is three miles from town by bike on the north side of Eel Point Rd off Madaket Road.
  • Surfside Beach is located at the end of Surfside Road, and it is a three-mile ride on a paved bike path.
  • Cisco Beach is a four-mile bike ride to end of Hummock Pond Road.
  • Madaket Beach is as far west as you can go, six-mile bike ride on scenic, paved bike path.
  • Siasconset has a seven-mile ride on paved bike path.

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