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Nantucket, MA

Biking In Nantucket: The Best Way To Experience The Island 

Many visitors and locals will tell you that a bicycle is among the best ways to explore Nantucket, especially given the  excellent bike trails which can take you to every corner of this scenic destination. When you visit an island as beautiful as Nantucket, why see it only from inside your automobile? Especially when a vast network of excellent bike trails can take you to every corner of this scenic destination? Just hop on a bicycle and experience all of the island within moments. Bring your own or rent from one of the local shops and explore miles of beautifully paved trails and exciting off-road dirt paths that take you to every corner. If you prefer exploring on foot, take a wildflower or birding walking tour, golf year-round at Miacomet Golf Club or climb to the steeple of Congregational Church for a 360 degree birds' eye view of the entire island.


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 The bike paths are free to use. Bike rental prices vary.

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 Bike paths are open 24/7. Bike rental shop hours vary.


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  • What types of bike tours can I find in Nantucket?

    On an island as diverse as Nantucket, you can find a bike tour to suit your every desire. Take the family on a grand adventure and see the coolest places around town while learning about the history and wildlife of the island. Grab your friends and head out to your final destination of the Cisco Brewery. Along the way check out the best sights and sounds about town, then reward yourself with tasty local brews and live music. Or, for the more adventurous, take a Spin to Sconset, an old fishing village where the geology, nature and history of the island is brought to life.
  • What are the most popular bike trails in Nantucket?

    There are miles and miles of bike trails all around the island, and you could spend days exploring them all. But if you want to hit the highlights by bike, consider a few of the most popular routes. Surfside Beach is an easy and flat 3.5 mile trip to a great beach with waves, lifeguards, snacks and restrooms, and is perfect for the whole family. Dionis is also a short but slightly hillier ride that takes the whole family to another great beach with full amenities. The more adventurous riders prefer the ride to Sconset, which is a 19 mile round trip that takes you to the most popular destination on the island. Sufers load up their boards and ride the four miles to Cisco Beach, where waves and a local brewery are the ultimate reward.

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