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Nantucket, MA

Getting to Nantucket Island

Ferry Service

Travel time to the island is approximately 2-1/2 hours. The Steamship Authority carries passengers, bikes, cars, and trucks year-round; the Hy-Line carries passengers and bikes. Both lines have a one-hour, high-speed ferry. For reservations, call the Steamship Authority at 508-228-3274 or Hy-Line at 800-492-8082


Direct flights to Nantucket Airport are available from Boston, New York, Hyannis, Washington D.C. and Charlotte.
Several airlines serve Nantucket including: Cape Air, Continental, Rectrix, Nantucket Airlines, US Air, JetBlue, and Delta.

Getting around

It's unnecessary to bring a car to Nantucket. Bicycles and mopeds are the most popular means of island transportation. There are paved bike paths leading to all ends of the island. The Nantucket Regional Transit Authority provides island shuttle service, and taxis are also available.

Getting settled

Everyone wants to live by the beautiful sea so finding housing on Nantucket can be a challenge. Many new employees come to the island in early March to seek seasonal housing. It's best to obtain housing as early as possible; an affordable option is to rent a house with a group.
NIR offers a limited amount of housing to full-time staff members for a weekly rate. Please visit the NIR Housing Website for more information.

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